Our Vision

Tarabut aims to be the choice of customers for high-quality IT solutions and services.

Our mission

To eternally strive at maximizing value for customers by delivering high-quality solutions and services; driven by intelligence, Innovation, and Integrity; in a fun and healthy environment.

Our Values

- Instigate thought leadership, passion, and innovation.
- Develop a positive and creative environment. 
- Encourage freedom of thought, expression, and action.
- Inspire integrity and strength of character. 
- Challenge to achieve excellence.
- Support social causes through consideration and collaboration

Quality Philosophy

At Tarabut, quality is not an alarm that occurs just at coding time. It is a deeply embedded philosophy to consistently adapt to contractual obligations and qualification for purpose. It revolves around business focus, streamlined processes, continuous improvement, and management commitment & support.

The Differentiators

Customers of IT and Business solutions are increasingly looking for a reliable partner who can integrate seamlessly into their business. Tarabut is distinguished by its Global Delivery Model, field-oriented management structure, and Customer-focused Project Management.

Value proposition

Tarabut identifies, measures, and communicates to customers the business impact they can expect from us. Tarabut provides measurable business results and high ROI on clients' IT investments. This helps decision-makers and influencers to measure and rely on the value of Tarabut's offerings.

The Team

People - The Power Behind Tarabut
a mix of techno-confidence engineers and business-sense managers - is effectively exposed to international work culture and has an established record in delivering solutions that surpass the best in the world. The Tarabut professional is typically recognized by the ambition to go beyond limitations and fly into the empires of excellence.